Who is Patrick the Pigeon

Unleash your child’s imagination and curiosity with Patrick the Magical Bird, the world’s most adventurous correspondent!
Every month, Patrick takes flight to explore mesmerizing destinations across the globe. Through his letters, children learn about countries near and far, fascinating cultures, and encounter extraordinary animals. From Rio de Janeiro’s vibrant festivals to the Arctic’s snowy wonders, each letter from Patrick will ignite a sense of wanderlust and ignite a passion for learning about the world.

Why letters from Patrick the Pigeon?

They foster curiosity, cultivate a love of reading and self confidence.
Edutainment away from the screens.
Children learn about a variety of new topics every month which foster a deeper understanding of the world around them.

How It Works

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Discover, Learn, Enjoy

What will your children find in the mailbox every week

Your child will receive a beautifully illustrated envelope from Patrick the Pigeon every month. Inside they will find the following:

Every new subscription includes a foldable map of the world. It supports children’s learning about the continents, the countries, various cultures, the oceans and the different kinds of animals.

A personalised letter. Each month, Patrick shares his exciting travel tales, taking your child to a new country filled with wonder and discovery. Through his letters, children will explore the fascinating landscapes, encounter diverse animals, meet interesting people, and discover unique curiosities. It’s a magical way to ignite their imagination, foster a love for exploration, and enhance their understanding of the world.

Get ready for a captivating adventure that brings learning to life!

Each letter from Patrick the Pigeon comes with a set of themed stickers that children can stick onto their map. Watch as the map transforms into a vibrant tapestry of colors and symbols, showcasing the places Patrick has explored. It’s an exciting and hands-on way for children to engage in the learning journey, reinforcing their understanding of continents, countries, and cultures. As the map fills up with stickers, children can proudly display their progress and celebrate their growing knowledge of the world.

Each envelope contains a captivating tale that originates from the country of the month. Children will embark on a literary adventure, immersing themselves in the rich culture and traditions of different lands.

But that’s not all! They will also find an uncoloured illustration related to the story, allowing them to bring the characters and scenes to life with their own colors and imagination. It’s a creative and personalized way to engage with the tales, fostering a love for reading, cultural understanding, and artistic expression.

Get ready to explore, imagine, and create your own vibrant world of stories!

Children will find uplifting and empowering affirmation cards in each letter to boost their confidence and cultivate a positive mindset. By repeating these affirmations, children can embrace the power of positive thinking and nurture a strong sense of self-worth.

Children can add their favorite cards to the positive affirmations jar. This becomes a treasure trove of positivity and a delightful activity for parent-child bonding. It’s a tangible reminder of the strength and positivity within us, ready to be embraced whenever needed.

Engaging in reading, reflecting, and collecting positive affirmations infuses calm and positivity and sets the stage for a peaceful bedtime routine.



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Plant a tree with every order!

Patrick has teamed up with Plant for the Planet- an NGO that manages reforestation projects around the world. For every subscription, Patrick plants a tree as part of their latest project. This means that Your Letters from Patrick are not just carbon-neutral, but they actually help cleanse the air we breathe and help the animal kingdom!

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